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Casa Gaspar. Image © Hisao Suzuki

Want A Nice House Without Breaking The Bank? Call An Architect


该文章最初发表于博客Arquia Foundation Architecture Blog,作者Alberto Campo Baeza谈论了建筑师对于建筑项目的判断与执行的重要性问题。这就好像医生对于疾病的治愈过程那样,建筑师对于一个建设项目来说也至关重要。

In his original article in the Arquia Foundation Architecture Blog, the author Alberto Campo Baeza talked about how important an architect is in the diagnosis and execution of a construction problem. Comparing the scenario to the importance of a doctor treating a disease, an architect is essential to executing a building project.

Casa Gaspar. Image Courtesy of Alberto Campo Baeza




Baeza tells us the skills that can be acquired in the discipline through a personal example about Gaspar House, demystifying the role of the architect and alluding to the fact that in the end the cheap option always becomes expensive!
Are you thinking of building a house? Would you want it to be well-designed, nice and cheap? Well then call an architect, a good one.
There are some people, albeit foolish, who, if they could, would build their house without an architect. They consider the architect as a lesser evil. They are the same ones that self-medicate in order to not go to the doctor. They are few, but they are deeply ignorant. They spend a fortune at the pharmacy for nothing. And, either they die, or they finally go to the doctor.

Casa Rufo. Image © Javier Callejas




An architect is a service provider to society. An architect is someone who looks for beauty through architecture, and who at the same time solves problems for society and tries to make the people he or she works for happy.
I could provide you with an argument of why it is good to hire an architect, a good architect, to ensure that everything turns out well. But instead, I thought that the easiest thing to do would be to let you hear first hand, through my own professional experience.
If I tell you that the most beautiful house I have ever made, the best one, was also best designed, nicest and cheapest house I have built, you will say that I am exaggerating. Well, I’m not exaggerating.

Casa Rufo. Image © Javier Callejas




The Commission
One day, a good friend of mine calls me and asks me if I can make a house for her and her partner, but that they only have three million pesetas (20,000 euros) and a small plot of land. She asked me for a house with absolute privacy in a small pine forest, surrounded by family homes, in the province of Cádiz.
The only thing I ask for was absolute freedom. Because for me an architect is a bit like a doctor. You must listen carefully to the patient and do all the necessary tests, but the diagnosis is made by the doctor, and the patient must obey. At least that is what I do as a patient: I blindly obey the doctor, and I have always recovered very well.

Casa Gaspar. Image Courtesy of Alberto Campo Baeza





The Work Done
The solution was very simple: a simple 6×18m rectangle, raised with load-bearing walls. A 6×18m patio in front and another 6×18 patio out back.
Inside the house, two lower transversal walls 4 meters from the edges, create a bedroom and a bathroom on one side, and on the other side a kitchen and a second bedroom. To illuminate the 6×10m central space, two 2×2m fixed glass panels were installed in the four corners of the building, giving a sense of continuity between the central space and the two patios. In order to ventilate the central space, two opaque doors were placed on the main axis in the center. The two bedrooms and the kitchen light up and are connected to their patios with transparent doors. The bathroom has a skylight. All this in just over 100 square meters.
The design of the house responds to the best of Andalusian tradition: the front entrance patio and backyard. In each of these courtyards, two lime-colored lemon trees have been symmetrically planted. In the backyard, there is a small pool of water which gives moments of glory when you see and hear it. The sound of water also contributes to the beauty of these spaces. The outside of the house appears completely closed with only the main entrance door.

Casa Gaspar. Image © Hisao Suzuki


建筑由砖墙承重,这种材料物美价廉。地面则非常简单,涂抹了防水层,完成面运用的是陶瓷面板。内外路面则运用的是打磨抛光的Capri de Córdoba石灰石,整体简单又实用。



Bunny是这个项目的主要负责人,Diego Corrales则是尽心尽力的合作伙伴。在我看来,一个好的合作伙伴非常关键,正如医生在工作时需要护士的协助一样。我在工作时也常常与好朋友Miguel Vela合作,这是一位来自Chicalana的建筑师。

What Materials Were Used?
Everything was built with brick load-bearing walls, which is the cheapest and simplest option for these dimensions. The floor is a simple base, well insulated and waterproof, and covered with a simple ceramic slab. The entire pavement, inside and outside, is made of Capri de Córdoba limestone, which has been polished and buffed. It is such a beautiful pavement that I have continued to put it in all my houses.
Everything was made in white. The whitewashed walls and boundary wall give these spaces a wonderful luminosity. Even the lamps are simple: a few white bulbs on the walls protected above by a simple glass.

Who Did It?
Bunny or “Conejito”, was the person in charge of the major works, quickly making progress. Diego Corrales was the rigger and he did a very good job. In my opinion, a rigger is also necessary, just as the doctor needs nurses. I also received help from a good friend and fellow architect from Chicalana, Miguel Vela.

Casa del Infinito. Image © Javier Callejas



The Site
Architects always talk about the genius loci, the sense of the place. Well, this house seemed like it had been there forever. The house is very, very beautiful. What was it about this house that the others did not have? In its understanding of the place, as in the materials and colors and in the treatment of light, as in the typology, as in the type of house, it is a traditional Andalusian house. It is both yesterday and tomorrow. The secret is that it is made by an architect who understands how to control space, light, scale, and proportions. An architect who knows that in order to reach the "venustas" of beauty, it is essential to comply with the “utilitas” and “firmitas” beforehand. As Vitrubio proclaimed well.

Casa del Infinito. Image © Javier Callejas



How Much?
The house cost what was expected: 3 million pesetas in 1992, or 20,000 euros today. It's a small house, 100 square meters, that looks great. We are all delighted: property, constructor, and architect. So delighted that soon we built another house on the same line, the Casa Guerrero, for one of the owner's brothers.

Casa Rufo. Image © Javier Callejas


Casa Rufo. Image Courtesy of Alberto Campo Baeza

Gaspar住宅的建造方式遍布世界各地。甚至成为多种建筑书籍和杂志的封面照片。当然,这很大一部分要归功于这位出色的摄影师Hisao Suzuki,他为这座建筑拍摄了许多优秀的照片。在以前我们就进行过多次合作,每一次他的作品总能让我出乎意料,所以这次我也毫不犹豫地邀请他来进行拍摄工作。我永远不会忘记我们在住宅后院等待黎明的漫长过程,那时天还没亮,渐渐地,天边开始出现光亮,这位优秀的摄影师十分迅速地按下了快门。最终的成片效果让我难以描述,这些照片真正表达出了这座建筑的内在精神。

The Gaspar House has been featured everywhere. In all the architecture books and magazine in the world. Many times making the front cover. Of course, a great part of the fame lies with Hisao Suzuki, an exceptional photographer who took some incredible photos. He had taken photos for me before, at Casa Turégano, with great results, so I did not hesitate to call him to translate the spirit of Gaspar House into images. I will never forget the dawn when, still dark, we were both waiting in the backyard of the house. He had deployed tripods and cameras and we were just waiting for the light, with high expectations to be amazed. Little by little, very slowly, a light came about and our good photographer started pressing buttons. The result is that set of beautiful images with a mysterious light that is almost impossible to explain, which is where the spirit of this house is well translated.

Casa del Infinito. Image © Javier Callejas



I think that through these simple lines, expressive drawings and wonderful photographs, it is easy to understand how it is possible, with a good architect, to make a good, a well-designed, beautiful and cheap house: it just might be the most beautiful house in the world.

Courtesy of Arquia

建筑设计:Alberto Campo Baeza
Gaspar住宅摄影:Hisao Suzuki

Architect: Alberto Campo Baeza
Photography Gaspar House: Hisao Suzuki



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